Friday, January 13, 2006
why did i never get this assignment in middle school?
Apparently, a teacher in Cleveland thought it would be a good idea to have his 7th graders research Internet pornography for a group project, complete with visiting websites and reporting about their experiences with pornography. Silly teacher. Now, it's true that I've done some silly things myself:

1. picking up a 75 pound 9th grader and carrying him back to his seat
after three attempts to ask him to sit down failed,
2. kicking a different 75 pound 9th grader in the butt when he had similar

difficulties with sitting down,
3. defining sodomy as "butt sex" to 60 curious AP students who came

across the word in a historical document,
4. telling a girl that she had to "re-evaluate herself as a human being"

because, darn it, she just wasn't very nice,

but even I have enough sense to not have my kids do a research project on Internet pornography.

P.S. - I know I'm a bit late in commenting, but I heart Mr. Eko. Who knew a Nigerian drug lord could be so darned lovable? To the creators of Lost - thank you for adding a meaning and purpose to my Wednesdays.


Blogger Cairo The Boxer said...

WOW. Mommy is a teacher for middle school too. All I can say is WOW!

Blogger paul said...

I need to try that one. Guaranteed by the end of the semester I will tell one of my students to reevaluate themselves as a human being.

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