Friday, April 11, 2008
your friday video: the cutest three minutes of your day
Today was one of those days.

You know - the sort where you woke up late, hence hurried through the morning routine in order to minimize the damage already done to the day's schedule. This rushed morning means you look like a shlub, which unfortunately means you spend the entire day feeling like a shlub as well.

Due to all the rushing, you lose nearly everything you lay hands on, from important office building keys, to your lunch, to your wedding ring. (Found the first two, however am still looking for the third. Eek.)

As your day progresses, you realize you have to guide others through a technological program you are completely unfamiliar with, but have been reassured how so very easy it is. Of course it's not easy, nothing works and the tech lady decided to take her vacation a day early, leaving you stranded in a sea of loud, impatient teenagers who - although hyped up on energy drinks and the promise of Spring Break looming just over the horizon - you are somehow charged with controlling, an act as futile as trying to control a hurricane’s course.

To round it all off, you then discover that your city has been infiltrated by a roving pack of vampiric zombie ninjas hell-bent on world domination. By noon they’ve either slaughtered or infected nearly all of your students and colleagues, leaving only yourself, one scrappy custodian and the snarky school secretary left to take them down, which you somehow manage to do using weapons you’ve crudely constructed out of dustless chalk, staplers, ketchup packets, overhead projectors and that weird powder janitors use to clean up vomit.

It’s over now and you’ve survived (unlike the scrappy janitor), however the day’s events have left you feeling dazed, tired, and unable to tolerate anything more complicated than watching a fuzzy little kitten squirm around on a blanket.

We’ve all been there, right?

So...........lookit! Kitty!!!:

(P.S. Happy Friday.)

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Blogger Mary said...

I spent the entire day exhausted from riding a stationary bike for 10 minutes. Too bad about the scrappy janitor.
Thanks for the kitty!

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