Wednesday, April 09, 2008
an open letter to the detroit tigers
Stop. Sucking.

I mean it. Just....stop it!

Mrs. White



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Blogger Nathan said...

My opinions on this subject can not be conveyed in a comment section. I'd need my own blog.

And seriously, while Pudge is making his way from the on-deck circle to the batting box why doesn't the scoreboard operator just save himself some time and display the strike count as 0-2. Pudge, pitchers are laughing at you. I guarantee pitchers around the league have some kind of pool trying to see how far off the plate they can throw the first two pitches that you'll still swing at.

But EVERYONE is to blame in every aspect of the game. Except Brandon Inge and Clete Thomas. Which is ridiculous that the only two players pulling their weight are the two guys that are only playing because of injuries to others. Hey, you 7 All-Star players who are playing like you're hoping to make it into the lineup for the Toledo Mud Hens, prove that the SI prediction that you would win the World Series wasn't just a April Fools joke written a few days early.


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