Friday, April 04, 2008
your friday video: on the trail
Inspired by something I saw over at Feministing, I had this very serious post planned for today regarding America and acceptance and immigration and the issues campaigning politicians choose focus on versus the ones they neglect.

And then I chucked the idea. No one really wants that on a Friday afternoon.

So for this Friday, I've decided to keep with the political theme but use a more lighthearted approach. Consequently, here are my two favorite funny politician moments of the week. Both of these videos have been around the block and back by now so chances are likely you've already seen them, but that's okay. Enjoyment can still be had from multiple viewings.

Inspired by Sarah Silverman's confession, here's Hillary making one of her own: (A warning for my more sensitive readers - the clip is a bit...colorful.)

And, although my feelings regarding McCain have changed dramatically in the past eight years, I can still appreciate when a cantankerous old man is willing to ham it up on late night television:

And on that note, have a happy weekend, all!



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