Friday, February 08, 2008
your friday video: huck me
God, I’m tired of winter.

I’m tired of digging out under it, tired of trudging around in it, tired of not being able to wear cute shoes because of it, tired of tortoise-slow, white knuckled commuting through it, and so very tired of never seeing the sun because of it. But most of all, I’m tired of this big black cloud hanging over my head thanks to it. Blah. Stupid clouds, stupid snow, stupid ice, stupid, stupid winter.

But since complaining won’t make spring come any sooner, I suppose it’s best I just stop whining about it and find other ways to amuse myself, and laughing at everyone’s favorite anti-Darwinian presidential candidate is a start. I can’t imagine that anyone seriously thinks he has a chance even with Romney pulling himself from the running, but I suppose someone’s gotta *heart* Huckabee, right?:

Maybe it’s just me, but even from under this black cloud I can’t help but find hysterical the line, “Riding on a dinosaur you and me, every day is like Christmas with Mike Huckabee!” Oh, Huckabee…

And happy Friday. Here’s to hoping we can all find our cheer.



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