Tuesday, February 05, 2008
yes we can.
I don't know what's becoming of my steely facade, but damn it if I didn't get misty watching a Will.i.am music video today. Yes, it's based off an Obama campaign speech, and yes I've made no mystery of the fact that Obama's my man, but even still - I don't really care who you vote for this Super Tuesday, just please do.

(And may it be a more satisfying and "committed" experience than my primary here in the Great Lakes State.)


Blogger Mary said...

That's a really moving video. Thanks very much for sharing it!

Blogger Steve said...

I've read here and there that the Democratic nom may come down to Ohio's March 4 primary. Maybe I have to figure out who my wo/man is before November after all...

Blogger Mrs. White said...

No offense to my Ohio readership, but last time an election hinged on your votes things didn't turn out so swell. The prospect of a repeat makes me a little nervous, Steve ;)

P.S. - I'd just like to stress that a CAMPAIGN SPEECH has inspired people to burst into song. Whether you like Obama or not, kudos, dude. Way to be one charismatic cat.

Blogger Nathan said...

A celebrity's political opinion has no affect on my own but it is still impressive to see that group of stars get together for an Obama video. I doubt I'll ever see a Huckabee celebrity ad.

Again, I'm not impressed that celebrities support Obama, I just think that it's impressive that I have only seen the Hollywood folk endorse Obama.

Blogger Nathan said...

P.S. Happy Paczki Day to everyone! If you don't know what a paczki is and if you think of today only as either Fat Tuesday or Super Tuesday, I feel sorry for you.

Personal goal for next year: I will take in the Paczki Day parade and the following festivities next year in Hamtramck. Afterall, you gotta do something to burn of those paczki calories.

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