Friday, February 01, 2008
friday video: because it's thriller. thriller night...
Apparently public transportation is yet another thing Brits do better:

And you know, just once I'd like a bunch of people to jump up and spontaneously perform the thriller dance during my morning commute. I'm sure it would get a bit tight trying to zombie dance in my Saturn, but for every problem there's always a solution, I say!

Video via dlisted, and happy Friday.



Blogger Abs said...

All right, you know what? I think any major cities should employ small groups to get their dance on in the subways, els, and monorails. That would make me smile.

Blogger Mary said...

We all did the zombie dance to Thriller at my wedding. Well, at the reception. It made for an interesting wedding video!

Blogger Mary said...

Hi it's me again!
I'm tagging you!

Blogger Nathan said...

The most recent "mission" by Improv Everywhere shows the fun they had at Grand Central station. We Yanks can have fun with public transportation too.

Click here for their most recent project "Frozen Grand Central." More of their fun can be found on the Improv Everywhere website.

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