Thursday, January 31, 2008
psycho kitty

Admit it, you're mildly interested in how you'd make out on the Hello Kitty "Am I good at taking care of others?" personality test.

I just took it twice because I was a bit uncertain how to answer one particular question. The first time the test rated me at 70%, explaining:
Your care is at the most appropriate level. When you are with other people, you usually can read others' mind and hold their hands and give them your support when timing is the most appropriate. Other than this, your care is quiet natural and can easily achieve the best result. Because your care is natural, it won't appear exaggerated or too obvious. To people around you, you are a very trustworthy person.
...but the second time I scored 20%, with the following kick in the face:
You are not really sensitive about other's feeling. (sic) It's virtually impossible for you to care for others. For example, you would probably eat or drink next to someone who is on a diet, or you would share your romance with a friend who just broke upiKor (huh?) some other insensitive things like such. Sometime, you should really stand in other's shoe and think for them, otherwise, those around you would probably think you are "self-centered" and evil person.
As far as I can tell, the drastically different result can be traced back to how I responded to the question asking whether or not I think there may be a sewing kit in a purse I found. Either that, or the fact that I would rather make curry for my friends than soup.

So, yes. Clearly this is a highly accurate and trustworthy tool for self-examination. Proceed.

(P.S., He He!)


Blogger Mary said...

OK, apparently I suck at taking care of people. hmmmpff. Or do I just like curry better than soup?

Blogger Mrs. White said...

I'm just surprised because I didn't think Hello Kitty was supposed to make people feel badly about themselves. Stupid cat called me evil!

Blogger Carrie said...

Ok, I'm at 40%, with "I must have some intention to show my care". But seriously, how am I supposed to know whether the red cup or the yellow cup shows I care more? What if my friend likes yellow? That's just stupid.

And I think most people I know would appreciate curry more than soup. What if I made curried soup? Huh?

Blogger Nathan said...

Apparently I'm a horrible person.

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