Wednesday, January 30, 2008
the crazy dog lady provides an unnecessarily detailed update about her child substitute (and you'll kindly listen because you're just nice like that)
As I mentioned yesterday Chloe had her vet appointment a few hours back, and although I usually try very hard not to be one of *those women* who go on about her pet as if it were a human, I promised several folks an update, so...I guess I'm the crazy pet lady today. It's okay. Been called worse.

In sum:
  • We put her new collar on too tightly, didn't notice because she's so very fluffy, and by the time we realized what was going on - goodbye, fur; hello stinky, matted, red, itchy mess.
  • If I were a stinky, matted, red, itchy mess I'd probably mope around, not eat, hide under tables, stare blankly off into space and steal my father's spot in bed for the unforeseeable future too.
  • The vet shaved her neck, and it looks truly ghastly. I mean Sweeney Todd ghastly. When I first saw it I thought she was bleeding from the throat and I temporarily panicked ghastly.
  • The vet (thankfully) said it's not infected.
  • Our dog is currently on steroids.
  • No, it's probably too early for 'roid rage; and yes, it is a silly question. Despite what your kindergarten teacher may have told you, some questions just are.
  • Mental health-wise, she seems marginally better today. I've relayed all your nose kisses and butt scratches, and it seems to be working. Earlier this afternoon she actually sniffed at her bone as if she was mildly entertaining the thought of maybe playing with it sometime in the not too distant future!
  • Seeing how her neck sort of looks like a zombie bite to me, *zombie dog!* has recently replaced the *Godzilla!* game. I cannot say it's been a smashing success, however these things take time.
  • I feel like a bad, bad mom.
  • After this, I wonder if they'll ever let me have actual children.
  • On the brightside, when I do have actual children, I now know to be super careful not to put their new collars on too tightly! (Silver linings and such...)


Blogger Liss said...

Oh, poor Chloe girl! I'm sure she still looks as beautiful as ever. Sometimes a bad haircut looks great after just a couple of days.

She deserves kisses and butt rubs all day!

I'm glad she's getting better. :)

Blogger Carrie said...

I'm glad things went well at the vet and she's on the road to feeling better. I'm sure she'll be flashdancing in no time! Tell Chloe I love her and I look forward to making out again sometime soon.

Blogger paul said...

Glad to hear all is well (or at least better) in the world of everyone's favorite red pup. I wouldn't feel bad about yourself and say that you're a "bad, bad mom." Just blame Nathan.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Chloe sends everyone her thanks. I contemplated posting a picture of her neck so everyone could see how bad it is and that I'm not being overly reactionary, but decided it would be a bad idea. Like Cloverfield, her rash induces nausea.

And Paul, as much as I'd like to I just can't blame Nathan even in jest because he's been so awesome. Chloe's been exceptionally clingy since she's felt bad, and there was a stretch there when she insisted on sleeping next to me in bed, right on top of Nathan's pillow. Rather than move her, he just gave her his spot and slept in the guest room because he's truly an awesome dad. Mad props are due, is my point :)

Blogger Abs said...

I'm so glad Chloe is on the mend! Pet parenting is SO very hard, and you guys are awesome at it.

I'm glad that Chloe is feeling at least marginally better! Those roids should give her a speedy recovery (Kona goes on them when her allergies flare up in the spring, and it works within a week, usually). Hopefully you'll be able to spend the whole day with her tomorrow!

Blogger Mary said...

Yay! I'm glad the vet could clear up the problem and get Chloe on the right track! If she's on steroids will she eventually get big and buff?

Blogger cornshake said...

awww! i leave for a few days and Miss Chloe gets a bad rash...awww...but glad to hear she is on the upswing and mad props to guys who understand overly clingy red dogs. they are the best!

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