Thursday, February 07, 2008
five things
In anticipation of our study of To Kill a Mockingbird, I'm currently making my students write an essay about who they really are vs. the person their friends and family perceive them to be.  I thought my idea was brilliant, however wasn't too terribly surprised when my "clients" protested on the grounds that it was a tortuous waste of time.  But such is life, I guess. Deep down we're all angsty little critics with poor punctuation skills.

I only mention it because Mary tagged me ages ago for a "five things about me" meme, and since I posted something similar waaaay "back in the day" (which happens to be my students' favorite time period, btw) I thought I'd play with the rules a bit, mix it up and tailor it to fit with the aforementioned concept. And so, here's five things that you'd know if you really knew me:

1.  I am far more sensitive than I suspect most people realize.  I'm much better than I was in my moodiest teenage years, but I still manage to get my feelings hurt at least once every day. And although I'm logical enough to understand that I shouldn't let innocent little comments and actions creep under my skin, I guess I'm still not self-actualized enough to not take most everything to heart.

2.  I'm a much more nervous person than I think most people realize.  Not to say that nervousness is entirely bad - around poisonous snakes, charging rhinos and drooling, shifty-eyed strangers it's probably a pretty good thing indeed - but when it stops one from exploring passions and talents than it's quite a little burden.  My nerves caused me to drop track (and I was fast), stop performing music (and I was good), and I've never had the guts to take even one, single creative writing class despite always loving to write (because sharing is scary).

3.  Most of the time, and especially in groups of four or more, I would truly rather listen than talk.  It's this preference that often makes new acquaintances mistake me for aloof, when I really don't see this as being the case.  Furthermore, I can't think of anything more rude than interrupting a person while he or she is talking.  I absolutely hate feeling as if I have to fight to speak, and the minute someone starts talking over me is the minute I have mentally ejected from that particular conversation. 

4.  Aside from general nervousness, there is only one thing I can think of that I truly fear - the ocean.  I can look down from atop the highest building, talk in front of the biggest crowd, and share a space with the ugliest ferret, but if you want me to get more than ankle-deep in a sea of saltwater you're going to have to throw me in.  I absolutely hate that there's something I'm too afraid to do, and damn the jellyfish that stung me my second time swimming in the Atlantic Ocean for making me this way.

5. Finally, I am constantly composing conversations, creating stories, and playing little songs in my head, and you'll know when I'm at my happiest because I won't be able to keep from singing.  (Sorry.)

And that's that.  I'm going to break the rules again by not "tagging" any one specific person, but if you've never shared your own "five things" than yes, please do.


Blogger Mary said...

Thank you for sharing these things about yourself. Don't feel bad about being afraid of the ocean. I have an irrational fear of sharks in the ocean and every year my husband's family has an entire family vacation at Hilton Head where I get to babysit around 10 kids in the ocean. I like to think I'm buying my way out of hell.

And I just read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time this last summer. I really liked it.

Blogger Gregg said...

On Point No. 2:

Find the guts.
Take a class.
You'll blow 'em out of the water.
Trust me on this one.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Thanks, Gregg. And I will.

Someday. :)

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