Tuesday, January 29, 2008
non sequiturs
So, my doggie's pretty sick right now and I'm more than a little concerned. She's going to the vet tomorrow so hopefully she'll be staging a comeback soon, but until then I'm not sure which is worse - the condition of her skin or of her mind. If you haven't seen one, a depressed dog is one of the saddest things on God's green Earth, and she's got me blue, I tell you.

New thing I learned today: I was talking to some Jewish colleagues and was a stunned to discover that mixing meat and dairy isn't kosher. I guess it's a rule only observed by the most devout, but even still - the inability to eat a cheeseburger or to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on your pasta seems sort of tragic to me. (And this just in: I'm not as aware of other cultures as I'd often like to think I am.)

Although it looks like it's going to be really, really good, watching the trailer for Heath Ledger's last movie, The Dark Knight, made me sadder than I expected it would.

How much do I want to see Modest Mouse and The National open for R.E.M.? So much!

I know this is sort of an old discussion by now, but when did "brown" become an acceptable nomenclature for Latinos?

The good news is I'm officially up to "expert" level in Guitar Hero III. The bad news is my mysterious carpal tunnel/arthritic thumb condition is as bad as it's ever been.

Wanna see a *fierce* baby red panda? Sure you do!

After today, I'm firmly committed to the school of thought that permanent banishment to a desert island should be considered a perfectly acceptable punishment for people who sit next to you at meetings and pop their gum for two hours non-stop.

New thing I learned earlier this month: Apparently, <3 means "heart" in textspeak. And here I've gone all this time thinking it meant "asshat"! But come to think of it, "I 'heart' you," makes markedly more sense than "I 'asshat' you," doesn't it? (And this just in: Most days, I'm tragically unhip.)


I hope Chloe feels better soon!

And you know, I think that <3 should mean 'asshat'. We all need more excuses and uses for that term, I do believe. I definitely like it better than 'heart'.

Blogger Carrie said...

Nooooooo! What's wrong with Chloe? You must fill me in. I'm all worried now! I hope she gets better soon.

I freaking love that panda. Cute Overload often makes my day.

And the first time I saw <3 a few years ago, it was in a Rate My Professor post for one of our lady instructor friends here. I thought the student was saying she was well endowed. So, for a while there, I was thinking it meant boobs. You can see how that'd be equally confusing.

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