Sunday, February 10, 2008
non sequiturs
The sun came out today! If the wind hadn't been so strong, the temps so low, and little snow tornados all a-swirl I might have actually stood outside to soak in it.

I, with my artful eye, can discern with 83% accuracy the difference between the work of a legitimate modern artist and the work of an ape. How about you? (via Andrew Sullivan)

Although I typically like to leave television recommendations to those more qualified to make them, might I quickly suggest Breaking Bad? I had a chance to catch up on a few episodes this weekend, and it was definitely worth the time. Featuring a dying high school chemistry teacher turned crystal meth cooker, the show is smart, intense, darkly funny, engrossing, and features the dad from Malcolm in the Middle spending a significant amount of time in his tighty-whities. AMC is re-running the first three episodes on Wednesday for those who need to catch up, and I'd recommend you consider it.

Assuming these pictures are as authentic as they claim to be, heavens to Betsy if these people don't look just like their dogs! It's rather creepy, actually.

Um, pardon me, but...the hell?


Blogger Nathan said...

83% on artists vs. apes as well.

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