Tuesday, February 12, 2008
file under: proofreading's stoopid
Well, it finally happened. I found the perfect storm of student errors while grading quizzes. Behold:

"Walter Cunningham is defiantly to poop to pay Atticu's back since he can barley feed his own family."

Amazing, huh? I suppose I should be frustrated, but I'm really just...awed. Seems as if it should be commemorated in some way - embroidered on a pillow or framed in calligraphy or some such thing...



Wow... that is impressive. Even more so because it was (I'm assuming?) handwritten. Dude.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

'Dude' is correct. Yes, it was handwritten, and quite messily at that. In the writer's defense, the apostrophe may have been a smudge or a missed erasure mark; however, it was impossible to tell so I left it in.

The funny thing is (after translation), the actual answer is correct

Anonymous jen said...

I can "barley" comment, except to say, UGH!
By the way... is poop supposed to be poor???
I want to cry.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Yep, although I'm pretty sure "poop" was an (probably embarrassing) accident. Usually "poor" is mistaken for "pour". Never had a "poop," though. Hence, my awe.

Blogger Mary said...

I think that's fantastic. Even I couldn't make that many errors in one sentence - without trying.

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