Wednesday, November 19, 2008
totally random list: my top five nerd crushes
#5: Mos Def

Nerd Cred:
  • Studied experimental theater at New York University.
  • Hosted HBO's Def Poetry
  • Played Ford Prefect in the film adaptation of one of the nerdiest books of all time, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • Has been known to rock the occasional sweater vest.
Why I Love Him:
Mos Def is a Renaissance man, and I luuurve me a Renaissance man. He acts, raps, digs on poetry, and is socially and politically active. Also, he's hot. So very, very, very hot.

#4: Jon Stewart

Nerd Cred:
  • Played the french horn in his high school's band
  • Suffered harassment in school for being Jewish
  • Has somehow become a legitimate news source for a significant portion of America, despite the fact that he is on a fake news show
  • Is wicked, wicked smart on said fake news show
Why I Love Him:
I have a soft soft for funny, self-deprecating men, and Stewart has both of those qualities in spades. If he weren't on way past my bedtime, then I would listen to his funny, dreamy face deliver fake news every single night. (It also doesn't hurt his case that he named his daughter "Maggie," which just so happens to be the bestest name in the entire history of names.)

#3: Jonathan Safran Foer

Nerd Cred:
  • Studied philosophy and literature at Princeton University
  • Was awarded the Senior Creative Writing Thesis Prize at Princeton
  • Wrote a brilliant post-modern debut novel, Everything Is Illuminated, that is incredibly unique, polarizing, and extraordinarily pretentious
Why I Love Him:
Honestly, I didn't much care for Everything Is Illuminated, but in his second novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Foer stole my heart with the story of small little Oskar and his heavy boots. Creative people are my favorite sort of people, and when they're as handsome as Mr. Foer is, well, they find themselves on my blog, I guess.

#2: Colin Meloy

Nerd Cred:
  • Majored in Creative Writing in college
  • Writes whimsical, epic prog-rock songs about vengeful mariners and mythological Japanese cranes
  • Sings stories
  • Possesses a massive vocabulary
  • Knows how to play the bouzouki
  • Wears horn-rimmed glasses
Why I Love Him:
Besides being absolutely adorable, Mr. Meloy is not at all the pretentious, humorless fellow I had always assumed him to be. You may remember me mentioning that I had the opportunity to see The Decemberists last week, and one of the most pleasant things about the entire experience was how genuinely funny their front man was, not to mention genuine, silly and totally cool. And did I mention he's adorable? So very, very adorable?

#1: Anderson Cooper

Nerd Cred:
  • Attended Yale University, where he studied Political Science and International Relations
  • Interned with the CIA
  • Worked first as a fact-checker, then later a reporter for Channel One, a youth-oriented news program
  • Currently works as a 60 Minutes correspondent
  • Awesomely, prematurely grey
Why I Love Him:
If you need me to justify why I love Anderson Cooper, then you are a blind person. An amazingly talented blind person who can somehow read my blog despite an utter lack of vision, but a blind person nonetheless.

What? Anderson Cooper's gay, you say? I'm sorry, huh? I totally wasn't even trying to hear you just now...

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What IS it about newsmen that makes them so incredibly attractive? (Well, not all newsmen. Just the two you've mentioned, really. And maybe Tom Brokaw.) Seriously. They make me all giggly inside.

Two words: SILVER. FOX.

Blogger Carrie said...

I still believe that Colin Meloy, if he were to meet me, would become instantly enamored with me and write songs about pirate princesses that I'd know are really about me. I know, it's sad. Sigh.

Good list all around.

Blogger Abs said...

I'm so glad someone else I know has a giant nerd crush on Anderson Cooper. I've had a nerd crush on him since he was on Channel One, which we watched EVERY. DAY. And now he's a total CNN bigshot. He is delightful, and I tell all my students who struggle with language to watch his show and listen to how he talks, because he has a refined but not pompous sort of diction that is also delivered in a mild-mannered and at times comforting tone.
Man's been in battle zones, yo!

Blogger MB said...

Oh, Maggie... Your list of nerd crushes is so very different from mine. I too, have a thing for Jon Stewart and Colin Meloy but they are not geeky enough to be on my list. (They would just be on my normal crush list.) Your list looks cool next to mine.

My list includes Will Shortz, Bill Gates, Moby and Obama.

(And, Anderson Cooper - seriously?! Huh.)

Blogger Mrs. White said...

He He! Touche, MB. I guess most of the guys on my list are pretty cool, all things considered. But Bill Gates? Really?? ;)

Blogger MB said...

Yeah, I've drunk the MS kool-aid. :) I think Bill Gates is very cool, especially since starting his foundation. I'm pretty awestruck.

I have friends who go to his annual Christmas party and I drool over every word in their stories...

Blogger Courtney said...

Hitchhiker's is a nerdy book? Really? Damn. I honestly thought it was one of the few cool things I was into in high school.

Blogger Mary said...

Anderson Cooper is dreamy, but Jim Cantorre from the Weather Channel is just plain hot.

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