Thursday, November 13, 2008
so, look - there’s a few things i’ve had on my mind recently that i desperately need to share with you.
Is that okay?

Because I hope it's okay.



The word “refrigerator” does not have a “d”, yet the word “fridge” does. This irritates me more than you will ever realize, and certainly more than it probably should.

I will never name any of my future children “Michael,” not because I dislike the name, but because I am incapable of typing it without making a mistake that I then have to backspace over and correct. It’s always “Michale” first. Always. It’s a stupid, stupid name.

On my way to my classroom the past two mornings I've had to walk through a massive crowd of freshmen, gathered in a circle around what I first presumed to be a fight. This initial hypothesis gained credibility when I noticed that several of them had their cell phones up, recording whatever it was that was transpiring. After busting through the mass, I discovered that it wasn’t a fight at all, but rather a dance off between one boy who looked like a young Seth Rogan and another resembling a young, very skinny Bill Murray. At its highest point, I witnessed a move called “The Rooster,” which was then capped off with a spin and a giant poof of baby powder. It was awesome.

Teaching high school seniors isn’t all too terribly different than teaching kindergarten, in that they like to draw me pictures of animals, tend to get cranky if I don’t let them have their mid-morning snack, and they think I should get them a class pet. I very nearly caught a baby mouse I found scurrying around the building today, but they don't want a baby mouse. They want a kitten. Sigh…

One of my students sent me this message today via GoodReads:

from: James

to: Mrs. W

subject: u da girl

message: Hey miss w. idk yim sending u a message but i am. its fun in class lately but the 4 pages that un miss t made us write was deff not cool. Im jk mrs. W. have a good day

Does anyone else know what this poor boy was trying to tell me? I have absolutely no idea. I just hope he’s okay. Because if it were an emergency, then he would have just dialed 911, right?

Finally, yellow just isn’t your color, love. I’m sorry. I suppose I should have told you that a long time ago.


Blogger Mary said...

It annoys the crap out of me too that refrigerator has no d in it. I can never spell it right. And sometimes I leave the d out of fridge too. Very annoying.

Yellow is my favorite color.

Blogger Gregg said...

I chuckle every time I see an auction ad where they're selling an almond-colored (or avocado green, for that matter) frig/freezer.

Gotta have those extra syllables around it...or the all-important "d" and "e"...because if you try to sell a "frig" at an auction, you just might get yourself in trouble!

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