Friday, March 28, 2008
overheard in the classroom…
...during a very quiet, very intense peer editing session of their biggest, badest, beastliest composition of the year:

Kid A: Oh my God, Evan. Did you even proofread this? Can you even spell?

Evan: What’s wrong?

Kid A: How can “racism and dialect exemplify the ongoing rollercoaster of dignity of life?” Dude, this makes no sense.

Evan: (Runs over to look at the paper in question.) True. But all the words are spelled right!

Kid A: (Pointing.) Look here. “Futhar?” That’s not even a word!

Evan: Yes it is!!

Kid A: Yeah? Then what does it mean? Use it in a sentence.

Evan: How about, stop mocking my paper in public, motherfuthar.

Kid A: (After a pause) Okay. Fair enough.

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Blogger Mary said...

Hillarious! I used the word Nicey as a term of endearment starting with an N in a competitive game of scattegories with my supercool sister-in-law several years ago. She has yet to let me live it down.

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