Wednesday, April 02, 2008
welcome distractions
Here's a few reasons why, although I collected a mountain of essays on Monday, nary a one has been graded yet:

Boy oh boy did I love Mad Magazine as a kid, although my husband insists I must have been the only little girl ever to read it. Whatever. I also tooled around on a boy's black Huffy and sometimes played with my little brother's He-Man toys. Anyone got a problem with that? But regardless of your gender, just try not to spend half an hour playing with these interactive Mad Magazine commemorative fold-ins. Go on. I dare you.

Speaking of daring, there used to be an old, abandoned asylum only a few miles from where I grew up, and as kids we found it fascinating. Of course the asylum was steeped in rumor, legend and conjecture, and on more than one occasion we'd try to talk each other up for heading out there for some nighttime exploration. Unfortunately, (fortunately?) we never got up the nerve to do it. The threat of ghostly patients long since dead wasn't what dissuaded us, rather fear of squatters and Satanists using it for their demonic rituals, but since I never made it inside my own abandoned asylum, at least I have Jeremy Harris's amazing "American Asylum" photographs to appease my curiosity.

And on the subject of disturbingly beautiful, I also can't help but want one of Jessica Joslin's animal skeleton statues:

If I could afford one, I would totally put these on display in my house, although I'm sure most guests would find me strange and stop visiting. And I can't say I would blame them. Although my tastes sometimes lean toward the unconventional, I can still appreciate how most people would rather not be stared at by a skeletal money while trying to sleep in someone's guest room.

On to living beasties, if you haven't seen them yet, these pictures of the giant and previously unknown sea life found off the coast of Antarctica are amazing. (Although looking at that picture of the giant sea spider is enough to remind me why I'm terrified of the deep ocean. Eek!)

And finally, support a fellow blogger and go watch Titlepage's newest installment. This one features authors David Gilmour, Mary Roach, Louis Masure, and David Hadju, and it's very good and worth the time.

(All distractions but the final one were discovered via Boing Boing. You're welcome.)


Blogger Mary said...

I'm sorry, but I can't help but giggle when I see those animal skeletons. They remind me of the 14inch "people" in the book A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.

Thanks for the distractions too!

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