Friday, March 28, 2008
your friday video: space alone
A little while back, Pajiba linked to an article from Smashing Magazine titled, 25 Brilliant Animated Short Movies, and it's proven to be a terrific time waster for me these past few days. All the videos are worth watching, but "Space Alone" was my favorite. It's pretty, sweet, sad, and involves a cute little space kitten thingy. What's not to love?

Enjoy, and as always - happy Friday!



Oh! That made me so sad! Poor little space kitteh - there are no lols there :(

Blogger Mary said...

Sheesh how depressing. The kitty sort of reminded me of this alien they found on futurama that ate garbage and pooped anti matter or something. The Futurama episode was much funnier.
But I did think this was much prettier and sad in a good way.

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