Saturday, April 12, 2008
why so quiet
In a few hours we'll be boarding a plane to sunny, gun-lovin' Florida where I plan to spend at least 75% of my week lounging poolside with an endless string of fruity drinks in hand. I've packed five books, eight skirts, two bathing suits, twelve pairs of shoes and a huge bottle of aloe (for lo, but I do have me some pasty, pasty skin), so I'm thinking I'm pretty well set. There will be plenty of Interwebs where I'm going, but even still I may not be coming around here much, and I just wanted to give you a head's up in case you thought I abandoned you.

Because I didn't, love. Baby's just on vacation 's all.



Blogger Mary said...

Take some Nutragena Sunscreen (with Helioplex) SPF 55. It really works and it goes on like lotion. I glow in the dark and I swear by it.

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