Wednesday, March 26, 2008
I'm feeling rather tired and uninspired today, so please take these links in lieu of my usual...wit? snark? poorly proofread ramblings? (Sorry. I forgot what we're calling it now.)

Although on the very short list of "bands I've loved longest and hardest and bestest of all" I'd sort of given up hope that R.E.M. would ever make another relevant album, but I've been listening to Accelerate nonstop for the past two hours or so, and I'm pleased to report that it's the real deal. It sounds a bit like Automatic for the People fell in love with New Adventures in Hi-Fi, but still had a thing on the side with Monster, all while receiving bits of sage advice here and there from its old friend, Fables of the Reconstruction. (That means it's good). And if any of that sounds interesting to you, then I'm pleased to report that the whole thing is streaming (for free!) over here, and you best check it. Stat.

Speaking of music, feel like teaming up and helping me make a video for the song of our choice off of In Rainbows? Because Radiohead is apparently holding a contest for just that. It can't be that hard, we could make some bank, and there's already a tutorial available for this very thing. Apparently, we just need some black and white film, a handful of venomous beasties and clips from old David Lynch and Ed Wood movies. So, what do you say?  This Saturday, my house, a King Cobra, and some "Reckoner" - who's in?

Speaking of venomous beasties, this funny list of endangered species that aren't endangered enough is pretty spot-on. (Except for #1, of course.  Who cares if they've lost all interest in perpetuating their own species?  Pandas are freakin' adorable.)

And since I'm both tired and a teacher, thank you McSweeney's for your list of ideas for classroom projects.  My favorite is, of course, the one whose brilliance lies in its simplicity: 
Lesson: Aww! A Puppy!

Requires: a puppy

Setup: none

Instructions: Bring the puppy to the classroom. Stay seated at your desk until class time is over.
And now, in an effort to increase this post's IQ, here's the post I wish I could have written on the subject of last week's Obama/Rev. Wright nonsense.

And finally, leftover Peeps s'mores?  Oh hell yes.


Blogger Carrie said...

Thank you for bringing that damn spider to my attention. Now I'm going to go cry from terror.

Peeps s'mores are THE BEST. Beware, though, that they don't really melt like a typical marshmallow, and get oddly crunchy.

Nonetheless, holding a peep over an open flame is particularly entertaining.

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