Friday, March 21, 2008
hanging with my peeps
(Such a corny joke. Sorry.)

I love Peeps. I love them soft. I love them stale. I love them in the morning, afternoon or evening. I love them dipped in my morning coffee. I Iove them crumbled up and sprinkled on my cereal. I love them in the den, in the kitchen, or in the hall. I love them pretty much any way at all.

(I know. I can't help it. We can't choose the things we love.)

But despite my abject love of the weird little buggers, I totally get why so many people hate them. They're weirdly crunchy, have a shelf life of roughly an eon, react startlingly strangely when microwaved, and probably shouldn't be classified as food in the first place. But that's okay. It just means more for me.

And since I'm officially and unfortunately faaaar too old for an Easter basket, it occurred to me that I'll have to hit the stores sometime very soon if I hope to get my yearly Peeps fix. Since I somehow got put in charge of Easter dinner this year, I thought I might challenge myself (and I'll be honest, punish those who put me in charge of anything culinary in the first place) by searching out a recipe that somehow mixed my favorite Easter candy with a "grown-up" Easter dinner dessert. Fortunately for my family, I couldn't find anything. But what I did find out is that The Washington Post, The Ann Arbor News, and slews of other newspapers hold annual Peeps Diorama Contests.

And this excites me.  Seriously. (Stop laughing.)

Unfortunately it's far too late for me to submit my own diorama (which you *know* I would have done had I known earlier), but here are some pictures of my favorite submissions from last year's Washington Post contest because 1) they're awesome, 2) I feel like I need to justify all the loopy, rambly stuff I just spent all this time writing, and 3) I don't have a Friday Video for you today.

"Reservoir Peeps" (Note Mr. Blue's missing ear):

"Dateline's To Catch a Peep-a-tor"

And my personal favorite, "Mommie Peepest (No More Wire Hangers!)" (Which, for what it lacks in execution, it more than makes up for in marshmallowly angry likenesses of Joan Crawford):

And for the record, I'm am most definitely submitting my own diorama next year.  It will be inspired by Cool Hand Luke, and I will call it "No One Can Eat Fifty Peeps."  (And don't you dare go stealing it, punk.)

Happy Easter if you celebrate it.  Enjoy the weekend if you don't.  And as for myself, I've got me some Peeps-kabobs, mashed Peeps and green Peeps casserole to get started on.  I have a feeling that Easter dinner's gonna be particularly awesome this year. 


Blogger Mary said...

These are awesome! I had no idea about the peeps diarama contest. That would be so fun!
Incidentally, I only like peeps when they're fresh. So I find myself resisting the urge to buy them because I have to remind myself that if I buy them I've got to eat them all in one sitting. That usually works. If they came in 2 packs I'd be screwed...

Blogger Gregg said...

Be sure to give the Luke Peep a big bulging belly.

(and, uh...microwaved Peeps?)

Blogger PAK said...

Those diaramas are awesome.

As for peeps-related foodstuffs: some sort of sweet potato casserole with melted peeps instead of regular marshmallows would fit the bill quite handily.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Gregg, microwaving Peeps makes them puff up to ten times their original size. It's strangely absorbing to watch.

And Paul, it never occurred to me to melt them on sweet potatoes, which is a shame since it would have been such an clearly awesome thing to do.

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