Wednesday, May 10, 2006
heading to boston - see ya'll monday

You know what's crazy? Volunteering to spend 5 days with 50 teenagers in the big, bad city of Boston. So call me crazy I guess, because that's what I'll be doing tomorrow. I'm actually pretty excited about the trip since I've never been to Boston before. Looks like it's going to be a cold, rainy one - perfect for stomping around Revolutionary War battlefields and the site of the Salem witch trials. Hopefully we don't leave a kid behind or something. Don't worry - I'll be back Monday chock-full of snarky comments, silly stories and bloody awful poetry.


Blogger JMW said...

Boston's a cool town. Things close too early there, but that only annoyed me after I went back after a few years in New York. Have fun.

Oh, and the Dirk haiku was classic. Great stuff.

Blogger Carrie said...

Have a good time guys! Keep those kids in line. :-) We'll miss you this weekend.

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