Wednesday, May 03, 2006
lorelai who?
Well, the student teacher has left the building, so to speak, and I'm manning the ship alone in a state of splendid isolation. It's really nice to not have to share my desk and computer with someone else who doesn't share my obsession with neatness and not spilling coffee all over everything, but there are some drawbacks. Namely, teaching five hours a day. It's exhausting. There's actually been quite a bit of activity this week, most of it worthy of a blog entry or two, but I just don't have the emotional and mental energy for it today. Perhaps tomorrow.

So instead of witty rants I have a question. Awhile back Steve posted that his students told him what famous people he looked like. He then challenged us to ask our own students who we remind them of. I was a bit afraid to ask (imagine being told that you remind them of Rosie O'Donnell or something) so I abstained. I know that several of my readers (of which there are like - DOZENS) are fans of a little show called The Gilmore Girls. I must admit that I've never seen an episode myself, so when a student raised her hand last week to interrupt my genius pontification I was a bit taken aback when, instead of commenting on my wit or asking some thought-provoking question, she felt it necessary to tell me that I remind her of Lorelai from The Gilmore Girls. This was followed by a chorus of fifteen year old girls giggling and shouting "Yes! Yes! She does remind me of Lorelai." Again, I've never seen the show so I have no idea what this means. When I asked, she told me that I looked like her a bit, but I mostly reminded her of that character because of how I talk. So, I guess I'm uncertain of whether to be flattered or offended. I need to know what this means - it's been a bit torturous here.

<----Lorelai vs. Me (with Turkey Leg)----->


Blogger Wife said...

Don't watch the show myself, but I can see the physical resemblance at least (excluding the giant turkey leg!). hm... maybe I'll have to try that. Although I agree, it is a bit scary to wonder what they really think ;).

Blogger Carrie said...

Ok, I can see it. Not that I'm a Gilmore Girls expert, but Lorelai is witty and snarky and smart, all of which I could say about you. Plus, I find her hot, so all around I'd say it's a good thing!

Blogger Steve said...

I am, in fact, a Gilmore Girls expert, and as such I can verify (a) Lauren Graham's hotness, (b) your resemblance to LG, and therefore (c) your hotness, though to be fair, I may just be hungry for turkey leg.

Blogger MAW said...

Okay. I guess I'll take it as a compliment and be nice to those girls then instead of the verbal thrashing I would have given them had she been annoying like, say, Fran Dresher.

Blogger JMW said...

I don't know a single guy who doesn't think Lauren Graham is very attractive. So there's that. Also, I'm not familiar with the show, but I hear that her character speaks in a rapid-fire way peppered with cultural references, etc. I imagine your students would mean that as a compliment as well.
--Your Brooklyn friend

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