Tuesday, May 02, 2006
game over
"I feel like going out and hanging myself," said Manny Legace after the loss. Don't be too hard on yourself though Manny, your teammates (minus Zetterberg) had much more disappointing performances than you. The loss hurts more knowing that it was probably the last time we're going to see Yzerman on the ice. But as Gordie Howe is known as Mr. Hockey, Stevie will always be The Captain to me no matter who might have the letter C on their sweater.


Blogger Carrie said...

Ok, so call me a big dork, but when after they came back from the timeout with 5 seconds left, one of the commentators mentioned he didn't understand why Yzerman wasn't on the ice. And it just hit me then. No More Stevie. And maybe I got a little choked up. It's weird- I don't know hockey w/o Yzerman...

Anyway, think Detroit's going to go shopping for a new goalie this summer? The blame obviously doesn't all lay with him, but still. I've always rooted for Legace- forever the backup, finally getting his moment to shine, and then he just can't keep it up in the post-season.

Not that I'm a hockey expert, so feel free to ignore me. Go Pistons??

Blogger paul said...

You can't blame Legace. The goal to tie it was a weird bounce and the goal to win was straight-up well played and would have beat ANY goalie. No goals for Datsyuk in the series? Just one for Shanahan? That's the problem.

The sad thing was that part of me didn't even expect them to get out of the first round. Last couple seasons I was like Mighty Ducks? Whatever. Flames? Seriously that can't happen. Now I was just hoping the Wings wouldn't start a new legacy, which it looks like they have now officially: We can play well all season when there's nothing on the line. And that's it.

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