Saturday, April 25, 2009
r.i.p., bea
Well, this just sucks. It's just been reported that Bea Arthur, who had been battling cancer, has passed away at age 86, peacefully and in her sleep. Although I named nearly all of my fantasy sports teams after her, my love for Bea was unironic and I'm truly bummed out to hear that she's gone. Of all the Golden Girls Dorothy was the one I most saw myself turning into someday (well, either her or Sophia), and she taught me at a very young age that growing old isn't really all that bad. She was a funny, awesome, hip lady, and will most definitely be missed.

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Blogger Danny Boy said...

Courtney says that when you two are old, and Nathan and I are no longer of this earth, that the two of you can move to Florida and be the Golden Girls! HA!

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Sounds fine good to me! We just need to make a slutty friend so we'll have a Blanche...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that mean I'll be Sophia? That's fine with me, she has spunk!


Blogger Danny Boy said...

Courtney says she'll be Rose.

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