Tuesday, April 14, 2009
we all fall down
So, I was filling out a psychological evaluation on one of my students the other day (one of the myriad things that makes my job ever so glamorous), and I must say that the little sucker gave me considerable pause.

Sprinkled between obvious statements like: "subject appears depressed," "displays acts of anger and aggression," and "has been observed talking to herself" were the following:

Uses foul language
Has eye problems
Is nervous
Has problems with mathematics
Is creative
Is a poor speller
Has poor handwriting
Falls down frequently

Now, the whole of my psychological education can be summed up in one undergraduate Intro to Psychology course, so I'm clearly not the expert here, but on the basis of this survey alone, I think it's fairly safe to reach the following two conclusions:

The student in question appears to be fairly well adjusted.

I, on the other hand, am quite clearly insane.

(Not that we haven't all had our suspicions, I'm sure. Wheee!!!)



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