Monday, April 20, 2009
2009 pulitzers announced

For those who may have missed it, the 2009 Pulitzer winners were announced today. Elizabeth Strout won the Fiction award for Olive Kitteridge, which I found sort of surprising (although, seeing as I haven't even read it, I'm not really sure I deserve to have any reaction at all). Awesomely/embarrassingly, The Detroit Free Press staff won the Local Reporting Award for "uncovering a pattern of lies by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick that included denial of sexual relationship with his female chief of staff, prompting an investigation of perjury that eventually led to jail terms for the two official." (Le sigh...) Patrick Farrell of The Miami Herald won in Best News Photography for these truly wrenching photos of hurricane-ravaged Haiti (one of the loveliest and least devastating of which is pictured above), and Damon Winter of The New York Times won in Feature Photography for these images captured on Obama's campaign trail, two of which I've posted below.

And P.S. - How freaking cool does our President look it that picture? I mean, seriously - that's some Jack Bauer face, huh? Dude looks like he can fell an encroaching wave of terrorist zombie vampires with one. icy. glare.

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