Thursday, January 15, 2009
the missing piece
Although I loved Shel Silverstein as a wee tot (who didn't?), I somehow missed reading The Missing Piece Meets the Big O until relatively recently. Such a shame. When my future children become dating-aged teenagers, struggling with best friends who are, at least at times, also their worst enemies, trust I will be giving them a copy of this book.

But since I am currently childless and too poor to purchase a copy for each of my teenage students, God bless the person who created this animated version of Silverstein's story. I've taken to showing it to my 9th graders every year, and I sure do hope they take its message to heart: Don't look to other people to "complete" you. No one can do that but you, love.

(The fact that Badly Drawn Boy provides the soundtrack is, of course, an added bonus.)



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