Wednesday, January 14, 2009
a dog's day
Unless you're one of the lucky ducks who happens to live close to the equator, then  you're already painfully aware of how frigidy it was today.  You know it, I know it, and no one's getting warmer by complaining about it, so don't worry.  I won't.

But...damn if this wasn't one of those days when I couldn't help but wonder if my life would have been infinitely better had I been born someone's pet. 

I caught this moment after returning to my bedroom to finish making my bed, a task that was interrupted by the local news reporting that, yes, I still had to go to work today despite the subzero temps. AND I SWEAR TO GOD IT WASN'T STAGED! (Well, other than the fact that I DID pull the blanket up over her, but only because I knew she wanted to, however tragically lacks the opposable thumbs necessary to tackle the task.)

Damn dog.  Get a job, already.  Help me pay my monster heating bill.    


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's my girl! Don't tell me you chased her away and finished making the bed. Considering she has to brave the cold to do her "business" she deserves a warm bed.


Blogger Carrie said...

Oh, Chloe. I love that silly dog. I also find it remarkable that you make your bed every morning, because that's the last thing that's on my mind. Plus, there's usually a husband still sleeping in it.

Blogger Mary said...

You have one very smart dog! And if you were living in rural Ohio your school day would be cancelled by the frigid weather.

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