Thursday, January 08, 2009
mini pretty things
For my fellow photography buffs, allow me to alert you to Tilt Shift Maker. Supposedly, it "miniaturizes" elements of your digital photographs. Like, for instance, my little Mr. Froggie:

Mr. Froggie before:

Mr. Froggie after:

I guess I'm not sure he looks particularly miniature exactly, but he does look cooler than before.  Nonetheless, the site is really quite fun and it's nice to share fun things, wouldn't you agree?

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Blogger Gregg said...

A buddy of mine sent me this tilt-shift article in mid-November and told me I should get a lens for my camera.

I told him if he was a really good buddy, he'd buy me one for Christmas.

He didn't. So I guess he isn't. Well...that, and they're really freakin' expensive.

But you're right, Mrs. White...the effect is so cool. (provided you have a plane or a blimp to fly around in for many of the shots.)

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