Tuesday, January 13, 2009
how would they even hold the toothbrush?
I had my bi-annual trip to the dentist today, and while I was waiting for my ancient hygienist to figure out wherever she had misplaced some whatsit, I found myself alone in front of the X-ray machine for an inordinate length of time. I've been going to this particular dentist for years so I'm sort of surprised I've never noticed this before, but I guess when left alone to awkwardly stand around in the middle of a busy hallway while wearing a lead apron, a girl tends to examine the walls around her a bit closer than she ordinarily would. Anyway, this sign, which was hanging directly above the X-ray machine, gave me pause:

Naturally, I'm left with a few questions:  Are there really people with flippers who see my dentist? Do these people have an inordinate amount of cavities since a person clearly cannot maintain decent oral hygiene without proper phalanges? Did the X-rays give them flippers, or are the flippers just particularly sensitive to X-rays?  If it's the former, then am I at risk for flippers?  And, most pressing of all, WHY IS IT SO DANGEROUS FOR A FLIPPER PERSON TO GET X-RAYED, YET THEY'RE MORE THAN WILLING TO PUT MY PERFECTLY NORMAL ARMS AT RISK?!?

Flippers, dude.   Like I really need something else to worry about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are talking about dental flippers. I think it is sort of a retainer looking thing with fake teeth attached.


Blogger Mrs. White said...

I see. Way to take all the mystery/fun out of it, mom. ;)

Blogger MB said...

That sign made me laugh, even though I know what a flipper is. :) I had to wear one for a year during the long process of getting a dental implant. I have no idea why they are called that. There is nothing flipper-ish about them. (Maybe because you can flip them in and out? But you can pop them in and out too. Popper would be just as silly a name...)

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