Wednesday, January 07, 2009
in today's society...
...we are all constantly falling prey to peer pressure.


...we are so much more independently minded.

In today's society...

...people are no longer racist/sexist/generally intolerant of one another.


...everyone is far more intelligent (or, at least far more educated) than in the past (whenever that was).

However... one thinks for themselves.


...we are all more free to be ourselves.

In today's society...

...being in possession of strong morals is important/rare.

...our problems are generally endless, varying and overwhelming.


...our worries are infinitely less, easier to manage and more trivial.

And overall,...

...we are more happy/sad/pathetic/lost/wealthy/poor/religious/promiscuous/
negative/whatever than we ever were before...

in today's society.

At least, this is what high school sophomores in today's society would have you believe if you were to read their high school compositions in today's society......!

And IN TODAY'S SOCIETY there exists a rage a-brewing inside of me.  The next person who writes "in today's society" is getting a purple pen chucked to the head.  


(And yes.  They have been warned...)

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LOL. That one bugs me too. Others that annoy me: "Back in olden times..." or "Back in the day..." What times? How far back? What's "old"? What day?

Usually, it's either around the time I was in middle school, or the middle ages. As far as students are concerned, they're one in the same.

Blogger Abs said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I actually ban that phrase straight out in most of my classes. I don't need an ulcer "in today's society," thank you.

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