Thursday, November 20, 2008
favorite songs of 2008, #10 of 30: tv on the radio's "dancing choose"
Speaking of nerds, TV on the Radio has been getting mad buzz almost since their inception, and for good reason.  Masters of experimental rock music who mix genres effortlessly within intricately constructed songs, I'd be hard-pressed to name a single band on the current scene who's as innovative, smart and forward-thinking. Truth be told, I think I love the idea of TV on the Radio more than I love their actual aesthetic, but that doesn't change the fact that I still like them quite a bit.  Plus, they have trumpets and saxophones.  You know how I feel about trumpets and saxophones.

Dear Science, the follow-up to 2006's highly acclaimed yet horribly named Return to Cookie Mountain, is every bit as brilliant as its predecessor, and is receiving just as much critic love, if not more. If you haven't picked it up yet, then know that it's as dense and shape-shifting as "Cookie Mountain," although perhaps a bit catchier.

"Dancing Choose" is a prime example of this, and in an album full of songs about death, dying, loss and fear for the future, it's a nice little reminder that sometimes we just need to chuck it all and dance.  Here they are performing it on a fire escape, because, well, why not? 

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