Wednesday, August 06, 2008
act one of the godfather (facebook news feed edition)
This isn't the first time that I've shamelessly stolen from McSweeney's (and, frankly, it probably won't be the last), but after reading this, I had a nearly impossible time rewatching The Godfather without thinking of it in terms of a Facebook News Feed. I'm too lazy to do the entire film, but I did do the first act, and it went a little something like this:

Michael Corleone is back from the war.

Michael Corleone and Kay Adams are attending an event: The Fabulous Wedding of Connie Corleone and Carlo Rizzi.

Don Corleone has joined the group "Sicilian Mafia Bosses Who Can Refuse no Favor at their Daughter's Wedding."

Don Corleone is busy.

-                     -                   -

Sonny Corleone has been Superpokin'!

-                        -                          -

Johhny Fontane has added "starring in Jack Woltz's new war picture" to his list of interests.

Jack Woltz is no longer friends with Johnny Fontane.

Don Corleone thinks Johnny Fontane is a crybaby, but cannot refuse his godson this favor.

-                       -                         -

Jack Woltz has become a fan of stud horses.

Don Corleone has given Jack Woltz an offer he can't refuse.

Jack Woltz isn't about to let no greasy-haired goomba push him around!

Don Corleone has thrown a decapitated horse head at Jack Woltz.

Jack Woltz and Johnny Fontane are now friends.

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THAT IS SO AWESOME! I was seriously gasping for air while reading the Hamlet one, and The Godfather is great as well! Hm... maybe the 10th graders can do this with The Crucible ;).

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Yes! I too immediately started brainstorming how I could incorporate this into the classroom, and you're right - it's perfect for The Crucible. (We're such teaching nerds. Love it.)

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