Tuesday, July 29, 2008
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A few of us were discussing our favorite Paul Simon songs a few days back. He's one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters so picking just one song is difficult for me, but  when pressed to choose I replied "Born at the Right Time".  And although I do love that song very much, I realized a few days later that the correct answer should have been "The Obvious Child". It's a song that makes me stupidly happy every time I hear it, and what I would give to have been able to see him perform it in his 1991 concert in Central Park.

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Blogger Gregg said...

This is an impossible task, Mrs. White.

I love a bunch of stuff off of Rhythm of the Saints, too...with "Obvious Child" being my first choice as well.

But go into Negotiations and Love Songs and the fun continues! (sans African instrumentation and melodies, however)

"...we talked about some old times and we drank ourselves some beers..." ("Still Crazy After All These Years." not a bad way to spend an evening, eh? It's also got a simple but smooth saxophonical interlude in the middle, and once upon a time I was a pretty good saxophonicalist.)

The trombone that comes belting through at about 2:14 in "Late In The Evening" is one of my favorite parts of that spectacular song.

Can't forget about "Me and Julio," either.

Oh wait...we're only supposed to pick one song, right?

Like I said...impossible task. Impossible.

Great post, though.

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