Sunday, March 09, 2008
time to spare
Gah!  I totally forgot about daylight saving time until after I woke up - all pleased with myself for being awake by nine o'clock in the morning on a Sunday - only to boot up the computer and make the dark discovery that it was actually TEN o'clock.  Boo.  This was the weekend when I got to laze around, reading and sleeping and not dressing, and I needed 48 hours to do it, damn it.  Gah!

And although I'm fairly certain there's nothing that can be done about it now, for the record here's a list of ten+ hours of my life that I would have happily given up in exchange for the one I lost today:

1.  The time I thought I'd check out whether or not The Moment of Truth was worth watching.

2.  Most days, my 2nd hour. 

3.  Every single hour I've spent playing capture the flag.  (Which, after five summers as a day camp counselor, is far more hours than you might think.)

4. Any number of hours spent stumbling through piles of horribly written student essays, being crammed in the middle seat on an airplane, and getting lost in my car.

5. The time I thought it might be fun to let my boyfriend teach me to drive a stick shift.

6. The time I let my dad teach me to parallel park.

7.  The day I decided to give the uneven bars a go. (Otherwise known as my last hour as a gymnast.)

8.  The hour spent in the emergency room after being bit on the face by a dog. (Not so much because it was so painful, but because I was only six-years-old, and since no one would let me look at myself in the mirror, I was convinced that I was hopelessly deformed and missing part of my face.  In case you've never seen me, I'm not.)

9.  The time I'd thought, "You know what?  Glitter can't be as terrible as everyone says it is."

10.  Last weekend's infamous "waffle incident," the details of which I refuse to discuss.

Seems to me that giving up all these moments in exchange for just one more lazy hour would be more than fair.  After all, this girl don't ask for much...


Blogger Steve said...

I'll avoid "waffle incident" specifics, but I'll also say that any incident that ends in me eating bacon ain't all bad.

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