Wednesday, February 27, 2008
extra for fat girls and redheads
Is it totally weird that I've always had a little crush on Vincent Gallo? But crush aside, even I wouldn't pay the $50,000 he's charging for a night of his "special company."

Because I'm a lady.

(Also, because I'm broke.)


Blogger cornshake said...

i saw this a few yrs ago--did you see his comments on who he is willing to share his sperm with--no gals of dark no mixing. i don't know whether or not to be relieved, laugh, or cry.

have you seen Buffalo 66? I drive by that strip club everytime we go to the mall! Klassy, no??

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Actually, I think Buffalo '66 was when the crush was first born. For some reason. He sort of looked like a corpse in that movie, didn't he?

Most days I can't explain how my mind works...

Blogger Carrie said...

Really, I mean, to each their own and all, but ewww. Double ewww.

Blogger Mary said...


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