Friday, February 29, 2008
video friday: a monster a day
(UPDATE: Apparently the videos all fell apart yesterday, but I've since pieced them back together and they feel much better now. Sorry! Stoopid Interwebs...)

Sometimes, Very Short List is hit; other times, it's miss. Considering how I spent my entire bloody planning hour watching some guy turn a boatload of Rorschach-style ink blots into cartoony monsters at a rapid-fire pace, I'd say that - at least for me - yesterday's offering was a hit.

The following are my favorite three from the myriad monsters I watched Stefan G. Bucher create on his Daily Monster Site. The videos are a combination of Freudian-style psychoanalysis, Where the Wild Things Are and the fast-talking guy from those old Micro Machines commercials, and watching them is strangely addictive and absolutely absorbing...

Sigh...I wish I could draw...


(Which is how monsters say "have a good weekend!" in their monster talk. Or so I hear.)



Blogger JMW said...

That's pretty hypnotic.

I couldn't open the link when I got it from VSL, so thanks for sharing. The reason I think VSL is such a great deal is because the misses waste a couple of seconds of your time, but the hits are gold!

Blogger Mary said...

I can't see the videos on your blog, but I opened the link. Those monsters are really cool! Thanks for posting about them!

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