Sunday, March 16, 2008
the best six google searches that recently led some random someone to my blog:
  • Dangerous literature
  • My wife makes me not want to go home
  • Naked fat redheads*
  • Thou shall not judge Lethal Weapon, by Danny Glover
  • My wife makes me cry myself to sleep
  • Inbred people living in West Virginia*

(* = A google image search, which , fortunately, did not lead to pictures of moi.)


Blogger Nathan said...

I was searching your Sitemeter info to see if I could identify the folks who googled "my wife makes me not want to go home" and "my wife makes me cry myself to sleep" so I could start a support group. I couldn't find them (so I am, again, alone) but I noticed that today someone googled "Chuck Norris bogeyman" and found your site.

If you made me cry and scared to come home before, imagine how I feel now that I know that Chuck Norris is the bogeyman under my bed.

I'll be in the garage if you need me.

Anonymous Matt said...

Well I can probably shed light on one of those searches, and I too find it VERY FORTUNATE that my search for "naked fat redheads" didn't lead to pictures of you.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

How very pervy of you, Matt. ('Though I can't say that's terribly surprising ;)

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