Friday, February 22, 2008
video friday: here's some old-time sexism to enjoy with your morning coffee
As I mentioned earlier, my American Lit kids have been discussing the media's depiction of women in the past three centuries - a subject that's opened the door for some pretty interesting conversations. Not wanting to cloud their thinking with my own opinions on the matter, I tried to keep things as objective and open as possible by beginning with a simple request for them to bring in some form of media from the last fifty years representing society's view of women. I didn't ask or even imply that it should be sexist, yet by and large the pieces they brought in (unsurprisingly) were, and often to the point of absurdity. And so, for your Friday viewing pleasure, the following is a small, hilarious sampling of their offerings.

I really feel for the woman in this Folger's ad, since my inability to make a decent cup of coffee has made me unworthy of love for much of my adult life:

If you ask me, this 1970s tire ad hits the nail on the head. Everyone knows that driving is a woman's kryptonite, rendering our tiny brains useless with all the overwhelming stimuli:

And this one's not a video, but...wowzers. Looks like men really, really value their daily caffeine fix:

I'd say that we've made considerable progress since all of this, but when I asked my kids to list the top five most influential women of today, the most common responses included Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan, so understand if my positivity is a bit...muted.

And on that feel-good note, happy Friday!



Blogger Mary said...

Oh well, you're halfway there. It's a sad sad time we live in that these stoopid girls are so influential to youth today.

My husband makes his own coffee if he wants a good cup. Those videos are frighteningly hilarious.

Anonymous alejna said...

That Goodyear ad cracked me up. Well, I was laughing on the inside. As I was trying to overcome the panic induced all those stimuli (the lights! the signs! the other cars) rushing at me.

I wish I could laugh at the list of influential women offered up by your students. But I'm afraid it makes me too sad.

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