Monday, February 25, 2008
oscar overview: written by other people, but approved of by me
I'm far too tired today to develop my own ideas, so instead here's a collection of thoughts expressed on other blogs written by other people, people who appear way more capable of expressing their post-Oscar night opinions than I could ever hope to be. So maybe I didn't say these things, but I agree with them all the same.

On Enchanted's three nominated songs:
If I never hear another song from Enchanted, I'm fine with that. Honestly. In fact, if there's a way to go back and erase my having heard them in the first place, I'm game, even if it means losing a few other nonessential brain functions.
- John Williams (A Special Way of Being Afraid)

Regarding Marion Cotillard taking home the Best Actress award:
She’s French, she made a really moving biopic that no one saw about singer no one’s heard of, and she’s coincidentally beautiful. La Vie en Rose was a movie for grown-ups, and the Academy ultimately is composed of people who want to feel like they’re making the most professionally respectable choice available. Cotillard’s winning out over Page doesn’t have anything to do with their respective performances; Cotillard is the classy choice, which means Page was never even in it.
- Daniel Carlson (Pajiba)

On Costume Design:
Thank god Elizabeth won for Costume Design. I was starting to worry no one would ever recognize the brilliance in recreating old, giant dresses.
- (I Watch Stuff)

On Jon Stewart as host/Marketa Irglova's acceptance speech:
One of the three best moments of the evening was when he escorted that nice Czech Once girl back out to give her thank-you speech. It was like the kids standing on their desks at the end of Dead Poets Society.
- David Edelstein (The Projectionist)

Regarding Tilda Swindon's Best Supporting Actress win:
I was really surprised that Cate Blanchett didn’t win for her portrayal of Bob Dylan in I’m Not There considering the Oscars' love affair with the actress. I was even more surprised, though, that David Bowie instead won the award in full Ziggy Stardust attire, surprisingly without his Spiders from Mars.
- Taylor (Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good)

On being torn over whether to love or hate Marion Cotillard's weird quilt dress:

On one hand, it looks like what might happen if fish scales and lace mated. On the other, it's French and so is she, and she's so pretty and she was so, so lovely and adorable when she won, and you know what? I think I might sort it. She looks like a sexy fish-lady on her wedding day...
- Jessica (Go Fug Yourself)

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