Monday, January 21, 2008
welcome back
Whew!  Boy, that was a whirlwind blogation I just got back from, but back I am - rested and ready to roll.  What did I do on blogation you ask?  Ha! What didn't I do, is the better question!  This past week has been adventure-packed, let me tell you....

First, I got to spend some time catching up on my favorite activity: staring vacantly out the window.  But that soon grew tedious, and so - having been bit by the bug of adventure - I decided to mix it up a bit by tackling the wild and woolly jungles of my filthy house.  It was daunting and there were some moments when I thought I might not make it back alive, but with the exception of a giant post-vacuum sneeze attack and some bleach stains on one of my favorite shirts, I managed to emerge triumphant and victorious.  Feeling celebratory, I then spent the next few evenings catching up on my video rentals.  I laughed, I cried, I spent an embarrassing amount of time in my pajamas.  But the video selection soon dried up and I grew restless. I dubbed the next few evenings "The Missing Period," since I managed to completely lose track of myself reading epic poetry, writing long, tragic pieces in an attempt to shake the demons I smuggled back with me from the war, and aimlessly wandering these dark suburban streets. But life has a funny way of working itself out, and I found my salvation from this dark period in one of the most unsuspecting of places - my living room.  Turns out I am quite the little guitar hero, and, in recognition of my mind-blowing skillz, I was invited to join a Scorpions tribute band. It was fun for awhile but life on the road can be such a drag, and I soon realized that all the money, fame and barbiturates in the world couldn't fill the void you'd left behind.

So, I'm back, baby.  Miss me?


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