Wednesday, December 05, 2007
a few things i will never understand:
  • I know it seems like I've complained about this ad nauseum and perhaps I should just get over it already, but I'll just never understand people who wear street clothes to the gym.  Of course the elderly get a pass because good on them for their fierce dedication to geriatric physical fitness, but young people?  They should be learned, man.  Yesterday, I spied this guy lifting free weights in construction boots and tight black girl jeans. He looked absolutely ridiculous, and I would have loved to better communicate my distaste with one of my infamous looks; however, judging by his shaved head, confederate flag flying t-shirt and questionable tats I was more than a little suspicious that he may have been a skinhead, and this is one little lady who occasionally knows when to leave well enough alone.
  • Does anyone know why so many people appear to like Rachael Ray?  Her face is plastered on 50% of the packages in my grocery store and she makes no fewer than seven commercial appearances on my television each and every night (a truly impressive amount when you 1) have a DVR, and 2) watch two or fewer hours of television a day) so someone must like her, but Heavens to Betsy I just don't know why.  Her voice is like sandpaper to my ears, absolutely no one should be that perpetually perky, and her use of words like "delish" and "yum-o" make me want to do something truly awful.  Really awful.  I mean kick a kitten awful.
  • Speaking of awful, I feel a bit bad for even bringing this up since he's so beloved and all, but does anyone know what the Sam Hill Andy Rooney is talking about most days? As many of you well know, football has been preempting 60 Minutes which is then followed by The Amazing Race, so most Sundays I find myself watching Rooney's weekly commentary before I can move on to trying to work through my love/hate relationship with Kynt and Vyxsin, and perhaps it's just me but I think Rooney may be getting a bit...senile.  The other day he was talking about how he thought the sport of baseball was silly since it's so much more complicated than cricket, although less complicated than American football, although baseball players get payed less than football players despite their larger IQs. Huh? 
  • And finally, religious fundamentalists of any sort will always be beyond me.  Thank God that British teacher who didn't know better than to allow her students to name their classroom mascot "Muhammed" was allowed to leave the Sudan with both her life and an unflogged behind, however I'm fairly certain this incident isn't exactly creating a flood of Westerners eager to convert to Islam, so  I don't understand the necessity of the American evangelical Christian response:

    But, perhaps it's just me...
    (video via Andrew Sullivan)


Blogger Gregg said...

First off...I like Andy Rooney. I've got a couple collections of his columns, and enjoy his unique perspective on sometimes very ordinary topics...and I always used to try to catch his spot on "60 Minutes." I don't try so hard anymore, and from what I saw a couple weeks ago, I'm probably not missing much lately.

The piece I saw featured his commentary on how everyone seems to be carrying more stuff these days...more bags, bigger bags, etc. He went out, Octogenarian On The Street, and asked people what was in their bags.

It did not make for riveting TV.

So while I'll repeat that I like Andy Rooney..."senile" is a very good word for what he's become, and I wish he would have hung it up when he turned 80.

Secondly...bullseye on your take on Rachael Ray!

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Yes! I saw that one about the stuff people are carrying around, and it totally proves my point, being that often times he has no point! So lots of people in New York carry books with them to work because they like to read on the subway. And your point is what, exactly?

Blogger Mary said...

I don't watch TV on Sundays usually so I can't comment on Andy Rooney.

Rachel Ray is incessantly perky and has ridiculous amounts of products she's endorsing, but according to the tabloid headlines I've read in the grocery her husband is a cheating scumbag so I feel a little sorry for her.

And I had to shut the video off in the middle. Religious fundamentalists drive me insane and I'm going to pretend it ended with the pig declaring jihad.

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