Friday, November 30, 2007
an actual text message conversation held between myself and a (at the time) unknown student sending me illicit messages from somewhere in the building
2485558129: Hey baby.

Mrs. White: (silence. ignore, ignore, ignore...)

2485558129: Uhm sorry about that. I meant that for Michelle H-.

Mrs. White: I wondered. Figured no one actually meant to call a teacher "baby." :)

2485558129: Oh no. I would.

Mrs. White: I see. Perhaps you shouldn't.

2485558129: Perhaps. Still, I was just cleaning things up for professional purposes. Didn't want 6th hour to be awkward.

Mrs. White: But you and I both know this is now unavoidable, don't we?

2485558129: Oh yes. Fo sho.



Blogger JMW said...

That's insane (and awkward). But that kid actually seems pretty funny.

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