Friday, November 16, 2007
something's different
A sudden realization hit me as I was on my way to the office to make this morning’s coffee - something was different.

Of this I was certain, however I couldn’t quite put my finger on what that something was. It wasn’t a good different, but it certainly wasn’t a bad one either. It was neither strange, nor annoying - neither uncomfortable, nor unaccustomed. Actually, if anything it was almost…freeing.

Yes. As my heels clackity clacked on the linoleum floor I felt decidedly more unrestrained, unconfined, unfettered, and also, for some reason, slightly chiller than I usually feel as I made my morning coffee.

It was honestly quite nice.

After tending to my task, I stepped into the bathroom to check my reflection, as if the mirror could help me pinpoint my new found feeling of freedom. There was nothing noticeably different about my face, no embarrassing finds in my teeth, and I didn’t look particularly thinner, happier or more or less attractive than normal. The only noticeable difference was my hair, which was about an inch shorter than yesterday thanks to a recent haircut, but certainly that couldn’t be the reason for this vaguely pleasant (even if sort of cold) new feeling.

Then my eyes moved down to my shirt, and I discovered what that new different something was.

Hurriedly, I made my way back to my classroom, gave a silent, quick thanks to The Creator who, in his infinite wisdom, saw it fit to include pashminas in his grand plan, threw my arms around my chest and prayed that none of my students noticed this new difference, a change which I feared might be glaringly obvious –

that I had somehow managed to leave the house today sans bra.



Anonymous Daddy Dan said...

Happens to me all the time!

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