Wednesday, November 14, 2007
my day, in haiku
New haircut today.
Looks 'bout the same as before.
Forty bucks wasted.

Grading is awesome!
(For those who hate puppies, fun
and America.)

Daily posts are hard.
Inspiration is waning.
Think I've sprained my brain.

and extemporaneous
microwave ovens

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Blogger Gregg said...

near the halfway point
verbs and nouns, prepositions
sometimes writing hurts

Hehe! ((For those who hate puppies, fun and America)) Love it.

And I totally agree. I'm definitely running out of steam and motivation.

Hang in there! Lets both make it until the end!

Blogger Mary said...

I'm getting fatter.
At least you don't have to cook.
I do like your site.

I'm also impressed you can haiku inebriated.

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