Thursday, November 08, 2007
these things are orange. these things i like.
The path that I typically take to work closed down this week in order to finish construction on a roundabout, the necessity of which I completely fail to understand. It's still pretty rural where I work, and the roads in that area were already ridiculous with nary a single path traveling in a straight direction and roads (many of which sharing the same name) that meander around myriad lakes, golf courses, horse farms and other such whatnot. I've become plagued with orange construction barrels and road work signs impeding my progress as they divert me onto dirt roads, making my commute even longer, windier, bumpier and dustier than it already was.

It's all conspiring to make me hate the color orange.

And, mind you, orange is my favorite color.

So, and mainly for the benefit of me and me only, I'll let this post serve as a reminder of things that are orange, yet still quite nice:

(Pumpkin Thai Soup recipe via Shazam in the Kitchen. Everything else via me.)


Blogger Mary said...

I love your photos. They're so happy! My kitchenaid mixer is orange.

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