Wednesday, April 05, 2006
first a rant, then a haiku
Pardon the cranky; it's been a bad morning...

This morning began with me opening my back door to let the dog out to the very unpleasant discovery of a light dusting of snow and ice on the porch and it only went downhill from there. Morning news told me that roads were icy, Wayne County decided that salting the roads was an unnecessary burden and there was a jack-knifed semi on 275 (my route to work) creating a parking lot where a freeway used to be, so I picked up the pace to leave early, poured hot coffee on the porch latch because it was iced shut and scurried to my car. As promised, 275 was a disaster, so I jumped on an exit ramp to try and maneuver the back roads for the 20 miles I had left in my commute (damn you urban sprawl). Things weren't very fast, but they were much better than the poor suckers still parked on 275 - that is until I had to drive over a two lane bridge. I know that most people don't tout a minor in Earth Science like I do, but any licensed driver should know that bridges like to ice over so you should stop riding my bloody bumper and slow the @#$ down. But leave it to police presence to only make matters worse; since there was a cop car parked on the side of the bridge everyone decided that 25 miles per hour was too fast so they started slamming on the breaks, creating a domino effect of cars swerving to avoid hitting each other. Thanks to my mad driving skillz I narrowly avoided hitting the person in front of me, but the driver of the mini van behind me proved not to be as talented when she bounced off my bumper. When I risked life and limb to get out of my car and inspect the damage I was lucky to discover that, miraculously, there was no damage to inspect, so I jumped back in my car on wobbly legs to continue my trek in. Looking at the clock, I could see that first hour was due to begin in 10 minutes, so I decided a call to the school secretary was in order since there was no way I'd be there on time. I explained my situation and she seemed to be sympathetic - that is until she told me that I needed to fill out a late arrival form so they could dock my pay for the 15 minutes of contractual work time I would miss. Stupid, stupid union job. I know, I know - I should just be happy to be alive and unharmed and all that crap.

And now the haiku:

April snow mocks me
bitter winds, frost on tulips,
a punch to the soul


Blogger Carrie said...

Blaaaah! That sucks Maggie. I'm sorry and I very much hope your day improves greatly.

(Perhaps you should splurge and allow yourself more than one hour of tv tonight? Especially since both Lost and AR are on. I think God'll cut you some slack today...)

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