Monday, May 04, 2009
favorite songs of '09: my brightest diamond covering "feeling good"
I don't know about you, but all this beautiful weather puts me in a mood for singing, and this song is my perfect storm: one of my all-time favorite songs sung by one of my all-time favorite voices. As far as I'm concerned, "Feeling Good" is one of those sacred things only a precious few people should ever even consider attempting, and Shara Worden does more than do it justice. She annihilates it.

Word is that Worden likes to end her shows with this song but had never recorded it, so when Aaron and Bruce Dessner of The National were collecting songs for their Dark Was the Night compilation - the proceeds of which are going towards AIDS awareness - this song was one of the ones they knew they had to get. Thankfully, she agreed to donate it, which means that I can now listen to it whenever I want and often on a loop. (Sorry, husband.)

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Blogger JMW said...

I was at the Dark Was the Night benefit show at Radio City the other night, and she did this -- it was unbelievably awesome.

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