Thursday, April 30, 2009
a demon in my view
There really isn't much that scares me, although I will freely admit that this wasn't always the case. I had as many childhood fears as anyone else, and for every single thing I've ever been frightened of as a child, I can point to something very specific I saw on television as the cause.

Clowns? It. Water-based nature? Thanks so much, Jaws. Spiders? Arachnophobia, of course. (Did anyone go to bed after watching that movie without feeling creepies crawling all over them?) Serial killers under my bed? Screw you, Camp Sleepaway! (I still can't bear to dangle my hands or feet over the side of my bed.) Being slowly poisoned by my evil grandmother while she holds me and my three creepily blonde siblings captive in the attic of her massive mansion? Flowers in the Attic. (Beware the powdered sugar donuts, kids!) Joan Crawford? Mommie-freaking-Dearest.

Aside from the dangling my feet over the bed thing, adulthood has pretty much erased these childhood fears, but I guess it's a bit humbling to remember that I wasn't always so brave. I suppose that's why I love these awesome (albeit creepy) photographs taken from Joshua Hoffine's After Dark, My Sweet series. Firstly, they're visually rich yet minimally photoshopped. Secondly, they remind me of all the stuff I once believed to be true: spiders are freaky, attics are creepy, monsters live under my bed and under the stairs, and television is the devil....

(Via State of the Art)

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